The Music Rolls On

Recently you were treated to JON Hemingway’s recent music video; if for some reason you missed seeing it, the YOU TUBE link will be at the end of this message.
Today we’re sending a second song (an anthem of sorts) that will be part of JON’s upcoming album and we’re really pleased with the positive comments we’ve had to date. As you listen, you’ll quickly recognize the theme of making this world a better place, particularly at a time when it seems we’re living in somewhat bleak times.
Turn up your volume and visualize the peoples of the world joining in, just as they did when
‘We are Are The World’ was released – you’re invited to share this song & message with all your friends.


Time now to listen to    ‘NO REASON LEFT TO CRY’


Wayne Dombroski  &  JON Hemingway
Annapolis Valley Strong


ps the recent music video can be found at